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Wedding ceremony music

You've decided not to hold the formal Wedding Ceremony in a religious venue or a Registry Office and you're going to ask the Registrar to come to your venue that has a license to conduct marriage ceremonies. How can you formal announcements be relayed to the guests? How are you going to play the background music while your guests are taking to their seats?  How can you create an impact as the Bridal party makes their way to the Registrar?

The answer is simple: Ceremony Music!

S&D Roadshows can install a small and effective sound system to relay any background music while the guests wait for the service to begin, introduction music for the Bride to walk into the room and something to mark the end of the formal marriage ceremony.

Timing and the right music selections are vital to a Civil Ceremony and we will work closely with our clients to make sure that this important event is timed to perfection. Adding music or announcements can really enhance the ceremony and if you also have the option to have the Wedding relayed to the seated guests.We know how important exact timings can be and there is only one chance to get the timings spot on to create the intended effect.