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Wedding reception

The Ceremony is over, the photographs are taken, so what happens now?

The Line-Up

A lot depends on the venue you have chosen for your reception but generally the Bridal party line up at the entrance to the reception room to greet all their guests as they enter.

The Grand entrance

It's now time for you to make your entrance into the room and if you choose S&D Roadshows. We can introduce you in style, that we will plan in advance so that your guests will remember and talk about it well after you've returned from your honeymoon. 

Prayer / Grace

Once everyone is seated a few words of welcome from whomever has been selected for this task, If required, a prayer of thanksgiving / grace.This can simply be ' For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful or could include other references to the couple of the day.


After the meal it's the speeches, although is becoming increasingly popular for these to be made before the meal. This is down to personal choice but the decision needs to be made in advance so that the caterers can time their food preparations.

Cutting the Cake

Next cutting the cake. You may want to portions of the cake to be served with tea and coffee which would affect the timing of this event. You should normally allow about 2 hours for all of the above (unless you know that some guests are going to make long speeches).


An additional service we offer is to supply a public address system to play background music during your meal plus the use of a radio microphone for speeches. You can obtain a separate price for this service on the Enquiry Form.

Preparation for the Evening

Once the meal and speeches are over you may be required to vacate the room so that it can be prepared for the evenings' festivities or at some venues you may be moved into another function room.

First dance

When all your guests have settled in and your additional evening guests have arrived it's time for the Bride & Grooms First Dance together as husband and wife. This would normally be followed by a second song for the Bridal Party (Top Table).

You can also include further songs for Father & Daughter and / or Mother & Son dances if you wish.If you choose us to provide your evenings' entertainment then the choices for your first dances and any other favourites will be included and confirmed before the day.

Song choices

Some suggestions for songs are provided here but you can choose anything you like and it doesn't have to be slow either!.A list of the Top 100+ requested songs at Wedding Receptions can be found under Wedding Songs.

Evening celebrations

That's the formalities over and now it's time to relax and enjoy yourselves along with your family and friends. You may at some point in the evening wish to throw your bouquet.If you have selected S&D Roadshows for your entertainment you can also other events such as games and a Magician. 


If you have any questions about what we do or obtain a price for your Function, Plus general advice on choosing a disco for your wedding. Also to find out what others thought of their evenings' entertainment.