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Terms & conditions

1) Bookings are not confirmed until a Signed Contract & Deposit (Non-Refundable) has been received.

2) S&D Roadshows requires the balance to be paid in Full within 30 days of Event, if Booked less than 30 days payment in full (cash) on arrival at the function.

2a) If any payments are not received by the due date, we may refuse to attend the event, and full payment will still be required, as this will be considered a breach of contract. S&D Roadshows may, at its discretion, allow a time to pay, but this is exceptional and must be agreed before the commencement of the event.

3)In the event of the client wishing to cancel or postpone the event for any reasons, the booking fee will not be refunded. The Client must notify S&D Roadshows as soon as is practicable and in writing.

4) It is at S&D Roadshows discretion to alter the date of booking, within an agreed time (30 days) of the original date, subject to being available on the replacement date required.

4a) Only in the event of an emergency, disaster or extreme weather conditions (including but not limited to war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, governmental action, fire, flood, snow, pandemic or epidemic). S&D Roadshows cannot be held responsible and is not liable for any function which has to be cancelled as a result of such events, which are outside our control.

5)  DJ is required to play on past the agreed time, the fee for such overtime is £50 per 30mins or part thereof, payable in cash, at the time of requesting extra time. This is subject to the conditions of the Venue, and is at the DJ’s discretion. For children’s daytime parties, extra fees are £20 per 30mins or part thereof.

6) S&D Roadshows will always conduct themselves in a manner befitting to the engagement, and will always respond to the clients requests with regards to music volume, music choice, equipment location and any other reasonable requests throughout the event. 

7) It is your responsibility (the Hirer) to ensure that the audience and everyone other than the S&D Roadshows team conducts themselves in a proper manner. Under no circumstances will S&D Roadshows be held responsible for any actions or damage caused by those attending the event.

8) S&D Roadshows has also the right to terminate the music if our staff are subjected to harassment, threatening, or abusive behaviour.

9) S&D Roadshows will often take photographs and video footage for promotional purposes. If you object to this, please let us know prior to the function. 

10) The Hirer is responsible for any damage to equipment or vehicles caused from anyone under and circumstances. 

11) It is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the venue complies with Health & Safety laws, and holds necessary certification. 

12) Licenses for the performance of recorded music are only required in PUBLIC events. In most cases private parties, such as weddings, birthday parties etc which are invitation only do not require a license. 

13) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the venue has the correct licenses with regards to music and liquor. We are not responsible if the venue is found to be in breach of the terms of their license. 

14) The Hirer is responsible for providing adequate supervision and safety of their guests at all times. A responsible adult should supervise children at all times.

15) The Hirer will ensure there is adequate provision of electrical power within 3mts of the set-up point. We require a minimum of 2 x 13amp wall sockets close to the working position. 

16) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the electrical source is correct and safe. Our DJ will not connect to any electrical source that they consider to be unsafe.

16b) The equipment used may include such items as lighting stands, truss systems, speaker stands and other constructions. The area provided must be both safe and practical. If the DJ deems that the Venue is unsafe, S&D Roadshows reserves the right to refuse to set up, and in this case the full fee would still be payable, as our company has turned up, but is prevented from working by Health & Safety Issues which are the Clients responsibility.

17) Only staff employed by us may operate our equipment. Under no circumstances may any unauthorized personnel tamper, move or attempt to use equipment owned by S&D Roadshows. 

18) Suitable parking for the DJ's vehicle should be supplied as near to the performance area as possible. 

19) The client will ensure that the venue will allow S&D Roadshows adequate access time for setting up and taking down of the equipment. 

20) At every event, we will have wired or wireless microphones available. We will use these during the evening for various purposes: announcing the first dance, announcing a buffet etc However, unlike most DJ's, we do we do not see the need to talk in between every song, or constantly over songs, we prefer to let our music do the talking! 

21) If you would like to use the microphones during the evening - maybe a thank you speech, you are more than welcome to, after all, its your event. 

22) It would be great to supply the staff of S&D Roadshows with a meal & drink if hired for a full day.

T&Cs Revision Date:02/01/2014